About Kent County Football League

Kent Victa League

The Kent County Football League has always been a sure bet for some entertaining football. You'll find a healthy 15 clubs in the league's Premier Division, but its 6 other leagues are also home to dozens of teams with high-quality players that simply want to play good football, regardless of their step or level in the National League System. If you follow the link to the Kent Football League Article you will find a little more information on this exciting league and the teams that it encompasses.


  • Holland and Blair FC

    Of all the 7 leagues that comprise the Kent County Football League, the Premier division is undoubtedly the most entertaining to watch, as well as the most competitive.

  • Bromley Green Tornament

    The seven divisions of the Kent County Football League are comprised of a rich selection of teams, some relatively new whilst others date back over a 100 years.