About Kent County Football League

It can sometimes be easy to forget in the world of modern football that the entire world doesn't revolve around the English Premier League. There are countless lesser-known sports leagues out there, and perhaps one of the most exciting (as well as one of the more diverse you will find) is the Kent County League. With its seven divisions at a senior level - the Premier League, and Divisions One, Two, and Three which are each split into East and West; denominations - a fairly recent rearrangement of the system means this club now sits at tier 7A ;in the National Football League's 7-tier system, but this league is more than simply a collection of statistics and rankings.


Originally known as the Kent Amateur League, the now-named NRG Gym Kent County League (so-named for reasons of sponsorship) was formed way back in 1922. Back then the league operated with two regional committees, and it wasn't until 1995 that the decision was made to streamline the organisation, leading to the entire league being brought under a single Management Committee.

Kent Invicta League

General Structure

More recently (for the 2014-15 season) the league consists of a countywide Premier Division with Divisions One, Two, and Three each split into East and West regions. What you may not know about this league is that it also contains and Under-21 competition, which is also split into East and West divisions. One can also enjoy three additional cup competitions: the Bill Manklow Inter-Regional Challenge Cup, the Eastern Section Cup, and the Barry Bundock West Kent Challenge Shield. ;

In addition to the above, you can also find the League Representative team competing in an annual competition for the Tom Stabler trophy, with the opponents being the Sussex County League.

Current Standing and Notable Honours

Kent County Football League's current standing is one step below the Kent Invicta League at step 7 (specifically inhabiting 7A at this time). However, the league has had its share of glory when in 2002 it was chosen to represent England in the third UEFA Region's Cup. As a result of this distinguished honour, players in the Kent County League enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Estonia where they engaged in group matches against a variety of teams including Estonia, San Marino, and the Czech Republic.

You can see that in spite of sitting at step 7 (see the club leagues 1-7 page at the FA), this football league has a great deal to offer in terms of skill and entertainment for those that attend the matches. The league is also home to a number of clubs that have been in existence for one hundred years or more. These impressive teams include Sutton Athletic FC, New Romney FC, Kennington FC, and Bearsted FC.

The FA


Premier Division

There are currently 15 teams in the Premier Division, with Metrogas sitting atop this league at the time of writing. Metrogas were also skilful enough to lift the trophy for the 2013-14 season, emerging as the winners for the very first time. In the years previous to this, teams that have lifted the Premier Division trophy have included Hollands & Blair (2010/11, 2008/09), Norton Sports(2007-08), Holmesdale (2006-07), and Lewisham Borough (2005-06).

Division One East

Faversham Strike Force Seniors are the team that currently sit atop the Division One east Table. Guru Narak are the team that emerged victorious in the 2013-14 season.

Division One West

You will find Bexlians at the top of the Divison One West league, but teams that have held the honour of being the winners of the this league are Holland Sports (2013-14) and Farnborough Old Boys Guild (2011-12).

Top Goal Scorers

The Kenty County League Players

As of the 22nd May 2014, the two top goal scorers in the league are (unsurprisingly) players in the Premier Division of the Kent County League. The top goal scorer is Daniel Bradshaw (Sheppey and Sheerness United) with a total of 34 goals (31 league and 3 cup). The second-highest goal-scorer is a player named Billy Shinners with; total of 32 goals (23 from league matches and a staggering 9 from cup matches).

Other notable scorers that are sitting highly on the Top Goal Scorers list are Joe Childs (Division One West), Tommy Vine (Division One East), Joey Tibble (Division Two East), and Josh Brown (also Division Two East). You can find a lot of information including the complete Top Goal Scorers list on the new-and-improved Kent County Football League, which can be found by visiting http://kentcountyfootballleague.co.uk/. Veterans of the club will appreciate the new design of the website which cements the club firmly in the modern day in terms of design!