My Club Pro

If you were to be honest, you would have to admit that a fairly vast majority of grass roots-level clubs in the UK have some pretty basic websites. This is of course in no way a reflection on the quality of the teams or players that represent each respective club, but when you look at the websites of professional clubs in the Barclays Premier League and even clubs in many of the lower leagues, it really is no comparison. Because Kent County Football League recognise the need for top-quality teams to have access to the most diverse range of resources possible, they have entered into a partnership with none other than About My Club Pro, with every Kent County Football League club being invited to reap the benefits of this partnership.

My Club Pro

What is About My Club Pro?

Boiling down the company’s product into a nutshell, About My Club Pro is a website that offers amateur/grass-roots football clubs in the UK a professionally-designed website. On the official website you will read that it provides an “off-the-shelf”, professional product. All this means is that for a monthly/yearly subscription fee, clubs without a website or ones with websites that they aren’t happy with can have a ready-made website that is easy to maintain and that looks up to the standard you would expect from a national-standard football team.

While the About My Club Pro service isn’t ground-breaking in its concept - there are many companies out there that design websites such as Build Me A Site – the product that About My Club Pro offers a product that is more suited to football clubs, as opposed to generic design companies that aren’t vastly experienced in the grass-roots football sphere. Moreover, if you chose About My Club Pro to build your website, there are extra benefits for Charter Standard clubs: a 10% discount on your subscription fee.

Specific Features

Getting a website designed for your club is great, but what kind of features do you get for your money? Firstly, if you don’t already have a domain or wish to create a new one (for example then About My Club Pro will provide a domain for you at no extra cost. You don’t have to be worried about renewal costs either since the domain name will be free for the entire life of your site.

Content Updates

In terms of keeping your site updated with regular fixtures, special events, and other such content, About My Club Pro offers a wide array of such features. These features include the ability of any football club to be able to manage each of their teams, regardless of how many of them there are and how often they play. All-important match results/reports and fixtures can also be published regularly, as can the team’s league tables, photos, videos, and player profiles. Essentially, if there is information about your team you want displayed on the website, About My Club Pro makes this possible in a way that doesn’t require vast quantities of technical web-design knowledge.

Social Media

As well as the above content features, the service also includes the ability to embed various social media feeds into your team’s website in order to keep it connected to visitors in as many ways as possible. Facebook and Twitter pages can be linked to, as can a direct feed from your County FA

Pricing and Evaluation of the Service

It is important to know that you’re spending your money wisely, particularly if your club is working around a tight budget. Thankfully, the service is extremely professional and offers precisely what it says on the website for the prices advertised: £20 monthly or £220 yearly. A 10% discount is also offered for Charter Standard Clubs.

The quality of this service is also demonstrated through the fact that it is in association with both Kent FA and the Kent County Football League. A quick peek at the Kent County League news archive will allow you to read a little more about the league’s partnership with My Club Pro, a partnership (and by extension an endorsement) that should immediately fill any amateur football club with confidence about the quality of the service they will receive. ALternatives recently have sprung up with an alternative answer for small clubs looking for funding from fans themselves, an excellent example is Scorum, a recent sports block chain start up backed with a crypto and sports currency to match. You can find out more about these projects at Crypto and Sports.

In summation, About My Club Pro is one of the very few products of its type out there, offering a complete website design package for amateur football clubs with the ability to customise, update, and also personalize the website with the team’s colours and emblem. The prices are clearly stated and discounts are available, and you can even view a handy demo on their website (which is itself extremely well-designed). All that is left for you to do as a football club is to visit the My Club Pro and see the reason why the Kent County League has decided to enter into partnership with this excellent company that offer amateur football clubs the opportunity to have a great-looking website.