About the Kent FA

If you had to distil the purpose of the Kent FA into just a few key words that best describe or explain their work there would still be a fair few to choose from: infrastructure; community; cohesiveness; improvement; and let’s not forget the obvious here - football. It is impossible to condense all that Kent FA have to offer their local community into a few buzzwords however. Though their focus is of course on football, in many cases when you look at what they do for the community as a whole (footballers and non-footballers) the sport of football is merely a tool, a means to an end that goes beyond the simple proliferation of the sport. This article hopes to shed a little light on exactly what the Kent FA is as well as focusing on what they do for football in Kent as well as the area as a whole.

General Information

The Kent County Football Association is by no means the only football association in the UK. There are dozens of these organisations in existence (a comprehensive list can be found on the FA Website), each serving a particular locale and promoting the sport of football mainly by demonstrating what it can do for the local community as a whole. The sport is particularly popular in Kent however – the area has over 4000 teams and a whopping 45000 players taking to the field each week – which is why this article exists: to shed more light on what the Kent FA is all about.

The Kent FA is officially the governing body of football in Kent. Its history goes back a long way – the Kent FA was founded back in 1881 to be exact. Perhaps the most well-known extension of the Kent FA’s arms into the local community is through the various cup competitions that it runs across the Kent area.


The objective of the Kent FA (as stated in various locations on its website) is to provide structured football opportunities that benefit people of all ages and backgrounds within the Kent area. The official description goes on to state that the association’s purpose is to provide the appropriate structures and systems to enable the management and proliferation of football throughout the area.

What you should take away from this if you don’t wish to listen to the official line over and over is that the Kent FA’s job and purpose is to put in place, manage, and promote the various football facilities (grounds, clubs, and various cups and tournaments) in the Kent area. It does so in order to promote the sport of football itself, but through this aim it also manages to have a much more far-reaching effect on the community as a whole.

Football First

The Kent FA most definitely have the promotion of football as their first objectives. This is clear from looking on their website, specifically at the county cup and charity cup competitions. The Kent FA fun a total of 19 County Cup Competitions including the Kent Senior Cup, the Kent Intermediate Cup, and a variety of Youth Cups.

The diversity of the Kent FA’s services and objectives is also clear in the other branches of its operations, such as the “Find a Referee” section on their website, as well as the promotion of new forms of the game such as Walking Football.

The Wider Community

It was mentioned before that Kent FA’s impact spreads beyond the footballing community. Its various leagues and facilities across Kent have the benefit of acting as areas where members of the community can go to keep fit and healthy, let off some steam in a match, or simply watch their favourite sport being played at the grass-roots level. Moreover, their approach and philosophy sets a fine example for the wider community, with the promotion of equality for players and spectators of all ages, gender, abilities, races, and disabilities.

The Kent FA also promotes links between schools and local football clubs, ensuring that the youth of Kent have access to great facilities and opportunities to participate in various events to keep them active.

There is a whole host of information at http://www.kentfa.com/, from the recent cup finals stats to player information, referee services, coaches, clubs, and leagues.