Kent County Football League - Past Winners of the Premier Division 2010-2014

It may be a harsh reality for many to face, but in sport, it isn’t always enough just to take part. This is demonstrated in the fact that most football leagues are split into divisions that reflect the skill, resolve, and general prowess of the teams that play within them. This is why there is a Premier division and why Division One, Two, and below exist. Kent County Football League has its own Premier division of course, and each year one deserving team lifts the trophy as the victor for that season, beating out over a dozen elite teams to the punch. There have been many winners in the league’s history, but this piece looks to focus on the five most recent victors, focusing on the winners of the league from the years 2010-2014.

Metrogas - 2013-14 Season

Tudo V Metrogas

The most recent winners of the Kent County League Premier Division, Metrogas FC secured enough incredible performances in the 2013-14 season to ensure that Sheppey and Sheerness Utd could only place as runners up in the Premier Division. This is actually the very first time that Metrogas FC have emerged victorious in the history of the Kent County League.

Metrogas FC is one of the teams that call Kent County League their home, though it is part of a select group of clubs in the league that have been established for over a hundred years. Megtrogas FC was established in 1888 to be precise, and today consists of a firstt eleven team as well as a reserve eleven, a third eleven, and both a Saturday and a Sunday vets team.

There is a great deal of information available about the team on the official Metrogas FC website, and you can even check out their twitter page at

Hildenborough Athletic AFC- 2012-13

Hildenborough Athletic AFC

Going back more than a year, one will find that Hildenborough Athletic AFC are the club that managed to get themselves crowned as champions of the league in the 2012-13 season. In securing their place at the top of the Kent County League Premier Division, HIldenborough managed to keep future winners Metrogas FC from securing their place in the league’s history a season earlier. In addition to their victory in the aforementioned league, this team earned themselves a double win by also securing victory in the Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup.

Hildenborough Athletic AFC are comprised of a 1st team, a reserves team, a 3rd team, and also the amusingly-named Artois United. Even though their official website doesn’t look to be updated as frequently as some of the other teams in the Kent County League, it is professionally designed and documents a great deal of information about the different teams in this AFC. Follow this link to visit the Hildenborough AFC website:

Bromley Green – 2011-12

Bromley Green Tournament

Digging a little further into the annals of Kent-based footballing history, we find that Bromley Green were the team that managed to fight their way to the top of the league in the 2011-2012 season. Another team whose victory here was their first in the Premier Division, Bromley Green has a diverse collection of players from their first team to the Bromley Green Girls and Bromley Green Valiants, each of which enjoy their own section on the official Bromley Green FC website.

Bromley Green celebrated their 80th anniversary way back in 2010, making the club a staggering 85 years old as of 2015.  Bromley Green also have a flourishing youth division that consists of a staggering number of teams ranging from Under 9s to Under 16s as well as their “The Little Ones” team for 2014/15. Their website is kept up to date, and there you will find plenty of info about this impressive club.

Hollands and Blair – 2010-11

Hollands and Blair

Also winners of the Premier Division back in the 2008-09 season, Hollands and Blair managed the impressive feat of yet again becoming the champions of the premier division in the 2010-2011 season.

The history of this club can be traced back to 1967, though as it is admitted on the official website, the history is a little confusing and complex to be explained briefly. Suffice it to say that their recent history has been one of successes including winning a treble in 2004 and again around the 2008/09 season (which includes their victory in the Premier Division of the Kent County League).

This hugely successful team have a well-designed website to match their impressive stature, which can be found at

Stansfeld (O and B) Club – 2009-10

Stansfeld (O and B) Club

Last on this list but by no means the least impressive is Stansfield (Oxford & Bermondsey) FC. This is a club that managed to lift the Premier Division trophy at the close of the 2009/10 season, making Hollands and Blair wait another year before they could secure their place at the top. This is a team that is steeped in history. Its founding members can be traced way back to the mid-late 1800s, and the team also have ties with Oxford Medicine. The club formed officially in 1897 but today has a number of sections including snooker, golf, and athletics. The club’s two teams take to the field on Saturdays, with both clubs being in the Kent County League. The official website can be found here.